Community Investments

To respond to the changing environment, United Way in Waukesha County (UWWC) continues to transform in order to more effectively take action in addressing tomorrow's needs and opportunities. This document outlines the newest investment structure which includes critical issues and long-term initiatives that promote a change in community conditions over time.

United Way in Waukesha County began reviewing its investments and the process by which funding is distributed in July of 2009. United Way gathered community feedback on the organization’s investments distribution process by conducting surveys with stakeholders and listening sessions with community members.

Using information obtained from the community's feedback, United Way identified critical issues within Waukesha County and set goals to address those issues. Agencies funded by United Way are responsible for annual reporting on the strategies used to address the critical issues within the new investment structure.

The new investment structure consists of four impact areas: Meeting Basic Needs, Developing Self-Reliance, Strengthening Community and Community Support.

United Way in Waukesha County’s new strategic foundation will drive the organization forward while aligning with community needs and expectations of investors. Through its dedication to continuous improvement, UWWC will fulfill its promise to the Waukesha County community.

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