Labor and United Way Partnership

AFL-CIO Community Services

A basic principle of the AFL-CIO Community Services Program is that the union member is first and foremost a citizen of the community who works with fellow citizens in making the community a good place in which to live, to work, and to raise children. The union member is concerned about welfare and recreational services for the entire community.

From the basic principle, organized labor developed a working relationship with United Way of America that has lasted more than 60 years. Across the nation, the AFL-CIO Community Services Program provides services through public and voluntary agencies to individual union members and to other members of the communities which address many problems that are not covered by the union contract or State and Federal work laws.

It provides emergency assistance through community resources to union members in need as result of layoffs, strikes or disasters, both natural and man-made. It helps develop better community relations through public service programs and a better relationship between organized social welfare. It also helps organize direct service, free or at a lower rate, for its members, their families and others.

The AFL-CIO Community Services Program helps bind our communities together by encouraging everyone to work together for a better community.

The Waukesha County Area Labor Council Community Services Program, in cooperation with Waukesha County United Way provides a full-time AFL-CIO Community Services Liaison to assist Local Labor Unions. This program is designed to maximize the active support of United Way from members of organized labor.

If you are a member of organized labor and would like to learn more about this partnership, email
Kurt Schmidt, AFL-CIO Community Services Liaison at United Way in Waukesha County, or call (262) 409-2424.