Strengthening Community

Committee volunteers review year-end reports and make funding recommendations for the programs/services that are part of the Strengthening Community impact area.  Areas of interest for this committee: Helping Kids Succeed initiative; counseling; youth development; child care; substance abuse; child abuse prevention; and cancer support.

*United Way Staff Lead:
John Schiraj

Regina Baecher Oberlin Community Volunteer
Betsy Ellis Community Volunteer
Pamela Groh Community Volunteer
Robert Hadich Reinhart, Boerner, Van Duren S.C.
Katie Hibbard Waukesha State Bank
Joseph Jursenas Briohn Building Corp. 
Jerry Kaczkowsi Community Volunteer
Tamie Koop (Co-chair) Community Volunteer
Carol Maurer Community Volunteer
Don Maurer Community Volunteer
Amanda Payne Waukesha County Business Alliance
Jim Reinke II (Chair) Valuables on Video, LLC
Lynn Sigfred First Business Bank